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UMA KOPRO is a general construction company based in Bali, offering unique and original buildings using the rich range of structural and finishing materials that Indonesia has. Created by an Indonesian interior designer and a French entrepreneur, Uma Kopro is your ideal partner to build the house of your dreams but also for your commercial projects, restaurants, hotels, SPAs and boutiques. With a unique ability to combine field expertise, professional management and high quality service, we take care of your turnkey project so that it becomes a pleasant and serene experience for you.

Who we are

Our management team is made up of experienced architects and civil engineers entirely dedicated to the realization of your project. We will accompany you at every stage, from the design to the finishing process for a turnkey project. Our priority is to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind, and our goal is to do so by delivering superb, flawless results.

Our field of activity extends from the construction of individual and unique houses to the construction of tertiary buildings (hotels, restaurants, spa and shops) through the renovation and extension of existing properties. Uma Kopro has the capacity to jointly carry out a dozen individual projects.


  • Unique approach
    To Uma Kopro, every project is unique and is unlike any project we have built or remodeled before. We operate with a tailor-made approach, building steel, concrete, wood and bamboo buildings, with you, at the helm. Each material is chosen according to your desire and the specific design of your project, which will receive our full attention, from start to finish. Our guiding principle is to give full respect to our customers – needs, requests and their own specific recommendations.
  • Experience
    With more than 35 years of cumulative experience in France and in Indonesia, we master European construction techniques as well as the Indonesian construction techniques, particularly that concerning wood and bamboo structures. Our wide range of materials used gives us particular expertise in all types of structures and finishes – concrete, steel, wood, bamboo and others – to serve your project.
  • Professionalism & ethics
    Our constructions – private or commercial – are always carried out in compliance with the legislation in force. We guarantee you a pleasant, efficient and successful construction or renovation experience, started on time, completed on time and within your budget.
  • Choice of materials and quality of construction
    The choice of materials and therefore the quality of our constructions are at the heart of our business. We always offer the strongest materials to suit our customers’ budgets. So that each project is thought out in its environment and so that its impact in terms of pollution and consumption is as low as possible, we offer various adapted solutions: use of bioseptic tanks, insulating materials in crucial places, maximization of ventilation natural, solar panels….


New building Construction

Uma Kopro, as general contractor, takes responsibility for your turnkey project, at each stage of its construction. With a pool of more than 200 specialized workers - masons, carpenters, joiners, plasterers, tilers, painters, etc. - we take care of most of the work to be done. For specific parts - steel structures, metal frames, bamboo structures, doors and windows, special coatings such as terrazzo, resin floors, etc. -, we work closely with our trusted partners while assuming entire responsibility for these positions with you, our customer. We ensure that your project is carried out in the most reassuring and reassuring way for you, legally, technically and financially, with the greatest transparency, until the keys are handed over.

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Whatever your renovation or extension project, we take the same care in the progress of the work as on a new construction, adding our expertise of existing buildings to check the solidity and quality of existing buildings. We keep you informed of the progress of the work at each crucial stage and recommend the appropriate solutions to be provided if necessary.

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Because a residence in a tropical climate endures a lot of stress – strong sun, heavy rains -, whatever its nature – steel, concrete, wood, bamboo - it requires regular and effective maintenance in order to last and avoid more expensive repairs. Uma Kopro provides you with regular maintenance at a reasonable cost with delivery of an inventory and technical equipment at each visit.

Land survey & soil anaysis

We provide you with a service of state-certified surveyors in order to delimit your property. Before every project of construction, we provide a complete analyze of your soils to determine the type of foundations needed.

Legal advice and support

To legalize your property purchases and to choose the best land, we work for years with the same team of trusted notaries who will support you in the most complex situations.


Uma Kopro and its partners specialized in real estate and management will accompany you and help you in your choice of investments in Bali and Indonesia. Their teams will be happy to explain to you the types of promising projects currently and the returns on investment you can expect depending on the type of project in which you decide to invest.

An investment followed by a construction is always an important event that involves responsibilities and stress.
Uma Kopro and partners, will provide their expertise in real estate and management on the Balinese market, to manage all aspects of your investment with the greatest transparency and always in close collaboration with you, in order to free from this burden: definition of your project, location search, design, construction, rental management or resale of your property, support and legal procedures.

For a safe and serene investment, contact us.


The cost of materials is fluctuating, so we give you an estimate, established for you on the basis of your unique project. We can also provide you with an estimate based on an unfinished project, depending on the information you give us.

Each project we tackle is unique in its design and location. We always seek to find the most advantageous budgetary solutions for you, whatever the size of your project.

For more details, contact us without delay, we will be happy to answer you!


We will be happy to receive call of your inquiries
in advance and welcome you for further discussion at our office.